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Become A Healthier and Happier Version of Yourself

Don't let the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life take priority over your own well-being. By investing time in yourself, you can be better in all elements of your life and reap the benefits of higher energy levels, more confidence and an overall better quality of life.

Achieve Your Body Goals

Being unhappy with your body can really affect your confidence and overall feelings of worth so whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or just improve your tone, I can help.

Nutrition Planning and Advice

Whatever your goals, nutrition plays a major role. So whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, feel more energetic or just eat healthier generally, having an understanding of what to eat and how much to eat is vital.

Personalised Training Programs

Exercise is not a one size fits all kind of thing so a custom made programme means that it will be completely tailored to where you are at now, where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Group & Personal Training

Whether you want to work out via online coaching or would prefer training in person from the comfort of your home or in a park, I offer individual and group sessions to suit your needs.

Posture Correction

Besides the negative outward appearance, bad posture can also wreak havoc on your health in ways that you didn't know were related. A programme with me will help correct imbalances that may be causing the issue.
Let's take the journey to better health together

Upcoming Online Classes

Scroll through the calendar below to check out the online classes I run every week.

Whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, you can join the classes from anywhere in the world thanks to Zoom.

To view more details or to book a class, click on the individual class below.

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Natalie Holmes Lifting a kettlebell
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My Story

“I am Natalie Holmes, the founder of You First”

My journey towards healthier living started in 2012 when I moved to Sri Lanka. From partying and binge-drinking weekly in London and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle of McDonald’s breakfasts and fast food, I found myself not liking what I saw in the mirror and threw myself into exercise and more conscious living. After a year and a half I was scouted by Victoria’s Secret and embarked on a 4 year long career as a fitting model for them. As a part of my contract I had to stay in shape but rather than hiring a personal trainer, I went through the motions and learned everything through experience. Upon returning to the UK in 2020, I decided to use the knowledge I had gained and embark on a career in Personal Training. Exercise and eating a healthier & more balanced diet truly transformed my life, so my passion has become helping other women feel healthier, happier and more confident so they realise their true potential in every element of their life.

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What Clients Say

I am a 38 year old mum of 2 who was putting off doing any kind of exercise. I had no motivation and had become extremely unfit and overweight since lockdown started. I decided to join in on the free sessions at the beginning of March and have now completed 5! I’m so glad I did, I feel like I have a lot more energy and I am not finding the exercise as hard as the first week. I have already noticed a difference in my body and feel very proud for sticking with it. Natalie is brilliant she is enthusiastic, cheerful, encouraging and Keeps you motivated. Honestly if I can do it anyone can! I weighed myself today and have lost 1.8 kg (4lbs) in a week and a half and that is without changing my diet.

Georgina Dennison

I cannot recommend Natalie enough, I spent last summer training with her and she is professional, knowledgeable and attentive. Our sessions were always varied and challenging we started by working on form and balance and built up to weights and strength enabling me to progress at a steady rate with confidence. Natalie has a great knowledge of everything fitness and health related and is always thinking of new ways to make exercise interesting and enjoyable! I felt and looked the best I ever have and can’t wait to work with Natalie again in the future.

Katey O’Brien

Honestly… i am probably the most unfit person I know, yet some how, Nataile has managed to make me feel as though I can achieve my body goal. Her classes are hard, I think I might die after. But she will only push as far as she knows you can manage! With each circuit she will give you options on harder or slightly easier. Iv been doing 3 classes a week for the whole of March, I feel so much stronger mentally & physically. I catch myself using tips from the classes during my day. In the class Nataile explains every move so you do it correctly & also explains its benefits. I have now booked in for 10 1on1 sessions as I have enjoyed it so much. Her bubbly personality is contagious so you leave feeling super happy with yourself.

Sarah Fox

I couldn’t recommend any but Natalie, after having my third child I felt vary crap about my self and appearance but since doing live zoom workouts with Natalie I feel so much better & Iv lost 2 stone. Seriously she is amazing and I can’t wait to start our PT sessions

Joanne Portelli

Fully Certified & Insured

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & First Aid Trained

health & fitness app

Programs On The Go

No more annoying paper-based training programmes; all training programmes come on a mobile app with full instructions and demonstration videos for all exercises. You can keep track of your goals, food, upload progress photos and measurements, in addition to having the ability to message me at any time for support. Activity from FitBit and Apple watch can also be integrated into your profile so not is it convenient that you can have everything in one place, but as your trainer I have access to your profile so I can get a proper insight into your progress.

Getting Started Guide

With the vast array of information on exercise and nutrition on the internet, and different sources telling you different things, I know how confusing and frustrating it can get trying to know what's right and what's wrong. That’s why I have put together this exercise and nutrition essentials' guide to try and simplify everything and take it back to the basics.

Click the button below to download your free copy.

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