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Started on June 6, 2022 12 weeks

A 12-week training programme aimed at newbies, to build confidence, teach the fundamentals of safe exercise and build strong core foundations through fun and challenging exercise routines.

A strong core free from muscle imbalances is, in my opinion, key to preventing injury and reducing aches and pains in the body. I also believe that the greater the awareness of your body and ability to engage your mind during movement, the bigger the benefits and the greater the growth. Therefore, I have created (Fun)damentals to help people progress safely into exercise.

The Programme:

A 12-week training programme consisting of three phases with 3 x 1 hour sessions per week to challenge all areas of fitness in a safe and progressive manner. There are options to suit all schedules and budgets since this programme can be provided online via my mobile app, online via live zoom classes or in person at a location of your choice.

What The Programme Will Cover:

  • How to breath correctly when exercising to maximise performance
  • The fundamentals of good form and how to brace the core to prevent injury
  • How to increase body awareness
  • Stretches for tight muscles
  • Strengthening of weak muscles
  • Endurance based core training to make it easier to maintain good posture for longer
  • Strength training for the core to make everyday tasks feel easier
  • Functional training to ensure the body is able to respond effectively to all types of movement, particularly those similar to everyday activities

Phase 1

  • How to brace the core
  • The fundamentals of breathing
  • Stretching – Lengthen tight muscles and improve mobility and flexibility
  • Core Endurance – to maintain good posture and form for extended periods of time
  • Core awareness – Mind Muscle Connection
  • Core activation – exercises to target and activate smaller muscles
  • Core Stabilisation – exercises to improve balance and pelvic stability
  • Cardio – movements to increase heart rate

Phase 2

  • Full body stability & endurance – Introduction of full body exercises on unstable surfaces to ensure focus on core engagement
  • Core strength endurance – introduction of weights / resistance for longer reps
  • Cardio – movements to increase heart rate

Phase 3 

  • Core Strength – reduction in reps and increase in weight
  • Full body strength endurance – exercises on unstable surfaces to build strength and endurance in the core and rest of the body so the core is able to able to handle heavy loads to help with carrying shopping, lifting children, doing DIY and household chores etc
  • Core HIIT – faster core movements to ensure the core learns to respond to fast movement which can help reduce slips and falls and injury due to fast unexpected movement
  • Cardio – movements to increase heart rate

How To Access The Programme There are three options for participation in the (Fun)damentals programme.

Online Training Programme – £150 every 4 weeks for 12 weeks

A training programme that is provided to you via my mobile training app (available on both Android and iOS), which means you can do the programme on demand wherever you are. The mobile app integrates with most activity trackers and MyFitnessPal and comes complete with full exercise demonstration videos, weekly check-ins, progress monitoring and around the clock support.

Each training programme will be customised based on the equipment you have available, will include advice on food intake based on your specific goals, and will commence with a goal setting session to ensure we stay on track throughout your journey.

The programme includes 3 x 1 hour sessions on my mobile app to be completed every week for 12 weeks.
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Personal Training Via Zoom – £400 every 4 weeks for 12 weeks

The training programme will be delivered to you in a Personal Training session live via Zoom with myself at a time and day that suits you (subject to availability). The benefit is that I can give you instant feedback on form and offer encouragement if needed whilst you have the flexibility to complete your sessions anywhere you want that has a decent Internet connection.

The programme includes 3 x 1 hour personal training sessions every week on Zoom for 12 weeks on a date and time suitable for you.
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Personal Training in Person – £600 every 4 weeks for 12 weeks

This option is ideal for those who would prefer a more interactive and personalised experience and the convenience and motivation that having a trainer come to you provides, including equipment, Theragun massages and assistance with stretches.

The programme includes 3 x 1 hour personal training sessions on a time, day & location that is convenient for you (within a 5mile radius of Kings Cross)
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Frequently Asked Question

Find the answers to some of the most common questions below.

Ideally, the bare minimum to maximise the benefits of the programme, would be booty bands aka mini bands, resistance bands and some dumbbells (recommendations can be provided upon request). However, if you do not have any equipment and are not looking at investing in some, all programmes can be tailored what you have available.

Each programme can be tailored to your environment so whether you want to work out from home and need a low impact programme to avoid disturbing your neighbours, or you want to work out in a park and use the equipment available there, your programme can reflect this.

If you cannot make a session then providing at least 48hours notice period is given, your session can be moved to another day and time in the same month. Unfortunately refunds cannot be given for unspent sessions.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to or would like to discuss any programme in more detail, please use the button to schedule a call with myself.

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