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I believe in training with intensity, eating to fuel your body and having fun while doing it. If you’re not enjoying fitness…what’s the point?!

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Everyone's body is different, so there's not a one-size-fits-all answer to how long it will take to see changes in your body when you start working out. It also depends largely on the kind of workouts you're doing.

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“I am the creator of a Training Programs, personal coach and a writer. ”

Being fit and living healthy is what I know and love. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I grew up in a fit family—my dad ran marathons, we had a home gym, and my parents always had gym memberships.

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What Clients Say

I reached out to Natalie in early summer to help motivate my fitness goals, having been through the same lockdown/WFH challenges as many others. Our 1:1 sessions have been fantastic, with excellent attention to form and increasing strength, flexibility, and posture. All of her sessions are targeted exactly to my desired targets, gaps, and injuries – every week. Would highly recommend Natalie for anyone looking for custom, progressive sessions for long-term success.

Nay Stewart

With home working and lockdown, I’d definitely become quite sloth like (!), and my fitness levels had plummeted massively. Natalie has developed a plan to help get things back on track starting with lots of mobility and posture work which has really helped with all the day-to-day aches and pains that had appeared, and prepared me for taking on cardio and strength work without any injuries (which is what happened when I tried to sort this all out by myself!) She’s been amazing and taking the time to create a plan that meets my needs and works for me, and explaining the how and why of what we’re doing which I really like. She’s been wonderfully patient, encouraging and has an excellent sense of humour – which has been essential when working with me! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a PT!

Jen Illman

I built up the courage to ask for help in getting healthier and fitter and to lose weight, I went straight to Natalie because I knew that she would give me a very much needed kick up the bum, every week she makes the effort to fit in with my timing and gives me her everything! She doesn’t let me give up or stop all while encouraging me, in the last few weeks I’ve noticed a huge difference in my abilities to do the workouts and my endurance! All while having a catch up and a bit of gossip! What more could I ask for!!

Adeline Leblanc

I am a 38 year old mum of 2 who was putting off doing any kind of exercise. I had no motivation and had become extremely unfit and overweight since lockdown started. I decided to join in on the free sessions at the beginning of March and have now completed 5! I’m so glad I did, I feel like I have a lot more energy and I am not finding the exercise as hard as the first week. I have already noticed a difference in my body and feel very proud for sticking with it. Natalie is brilliant she is enthusiastic, cheerful, encouraging and Keeps you motivated. Honestly if I can do it anyone can! I weighed myself today and have lost 1.8 kg (4lbs) in a week and a half and that is without changing my diet.

Georgina Dennison

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